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About Me

The hardest thing I do in a day is talk about myself - there are so many things I'd rather do, like tell you about my amazing and silly kids or my cool husband, but this time is about me and why I'm a photographer.

I am filled with zeal, a great energy and enthusiasm, for life.

My clients tell me it's hard not to smile when we are in a photoshoot because I'm giddy to be in that place with them, hearing their life story, and what brought them to this moment. I am passionate about relationships.

My husband teases me because I can make friends just about anywhere, even a bathroom. I am attentive to details. I will do everything in my knowledge base and in my camera to make the image perfect and make my clients feel comfortable. I have spent countless hours behind my camera, in classrooms, and reading about photography to continue developing my skills.

Ultimately, I love life; it's special, it's fleeting, it's detailed, and it can be captured through the lens of my camera to tell your beautiful story. Let's tell your story together.


Amy Lyn